Making more Organizations more Meaningful

Making more Organizations more Meaningful

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Measure meaningfulness at work

Gain insight into how employees are experiencing meaningful work through the four drivers of Purpose, Leadership, Belonging and Personal Growth.

  • A proven tool for measuring, developing and strengthening your culture and business
  • Online reporting for the organization and all teams
  • Customized survey format and process




360° Cultural Leadership

Enable leaders to lead with purpose

Measure your leaders on what matters: their ability to lead with purpose and company DNA.

  • A proven tool for measuring leaders ability to lead with purpose 
  • Continuous education and development of leadership skills through a in-depth process
  • Agile and adaptable for any company-specific virtues 




Cultural Preference

Assessment Tool

Make the right hire first time

Make meaningful hires through our tool that:

  • Assesses the degree of cultural fit between the candidate and the recruiting organization.
  • Enlightens the interviewer on the candidate’s degree of self-awareness, and if the candidate is prone to over-confidence or self-doubt
  • Reveals candidates’ cognitive capabilities in relation to benchmark

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From Managing to

Mastering Stress

Stress Mastery Course

Equipping employees, leaders, and organizations with a nuanced understanding of what stress is to them and how to master it through self-awareness. 

  • Understand the nature of stress, its consequences, and its relationship to meaningfulness 
  • Reach the perfect (im)balance between stress and recovery through self-awareness
  • Gain practical tools and methods for mastering stress at an individual, team, and organizational level

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    Meaningful work lowers the impact of work-related stress on employees’ well-being

    Experiencing meaning in life is widely acknowledged to have a positive impact on well-being. Worryingly, work-related stress has been shown to lower the presence of meaning in life experienced by employees, which lowers their well-being. One study dove deeper into the relationship between work-related stress and employees’ sense of meaning in life and found that meaningful work moderates some of the harmful effects of work stress.

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