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How to create a meaningful place to work during extreme growth?

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies (FDB), a global leader in contract manufacturing for the life sciences sector, is undergoing significant transformation. Led by CEO Lars Petersen, FDB aims to redefine industry standards by emphasizing human-centric culture and leadership rather than relying solely on traditional rigorous systems and processes.


Meaningfulness at Work 2024

Every year, we study how employees feels organizations perform when it comes to fostering a meaningful workplace – a place where there is a strong sense of purpose, leadership, belonging, and personal growth.


From Managing to Mastering Stress

Equipping employees, leaders, and organizations with a nuanced understanding of what stress is to them and how to master it through self-awareness. This is exactly what we at Voluntās teach in our Stress Mastery Course.


YMI | Youth Meaningfulness Index

The Youth Meaningfulness Index (YMI) aims to explore and measure how youth experience meaning in their lives. We believe that YMI will be a powerful tool for policy makers to help young people increase meaning in their lives.


Fostering Impactful Societies

Voluntās has worked with IBTCI in Tunisia and Libya for several years and is one of our most valued clients in the region. We have collaborated together on several projects, including donor mapping, context monitoring in Libya.


Meaningful Climate Action

The collaboration focused on providing the tools and knowled necessary for young people to lead impactful climate initiatives, ensuring their active participation in shaping a resilient future for the MENA region.


Forwarding Organizational DNA

Scan Global Logistics (SGL) experienced rapid expansion, growing its workforce by nearly 200% and increasing annual revenue significantly. This growth presented challenges in maintaining its organizational culture.


Unlocking Leadership

The challenge was to translate the new ‘Unlock Growth’ strategy into actionable leadership behaviors that would ensure unity and agility across the organization globally, maintaining core values while driving growth.


Nos Racines – Our Roots

Preventing violent extremism in Tunisia, with a special focus on youth and women. Supporting the Tunisian population and its institutions in their fight against violent extremism and radicalisation in Tunisia.