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At Voluntās, our Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning and Social Impact Center of Curiosity embodies our commitment to evidence-based program design and driving transformative social change. We specialize in crafting robust program designs, complemented by tailored M&E systems meticulously designed to ensure both accountability and effectiveness.


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Our suite of services includes context-sensitive third-party monitoring, providing real-time insights vital for informed decision-making. Additionally, we conduct ad hoc verification exercises, post-distribution monitoring, and evaluations, offering comprehensive assessments inspired by OECD guidelines. These evaluations are strategically crafted to support continuous improvement efforts, ensuring that every initiative moves closer toward its intended impact. Central to our approach is the emphasis on learning. Insights gleaned from M&E activities form the bedrock of our work, enabling us to identify best practices, pinpoint areas for enhancement, and unearth opportunities for innovation aimed at shaping a brighter future.

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At Voluntās, our commitment to purpose-driven program advisory underscores our mission to empower our partners with data-driven insights that fuel the development and refinement of their programs. Drawing upon our extensive expertise in the humanitarian and development sectors, we collaborate with NGOs, private sector partners, UN agencies, and national entities to develop project activities and objectives geared toward achieving meaningful and lasting results.

With a deep understanding of diverse donor requirements, we guide funding recipients on navigating donor reporting guidelines, ensuring alignment with expectations, and fostering transparency and accountability. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support in developing robust internal M&E toolkits, enabling organizations to effectively monitor progress, measure impact, and drive continuous improvement.

Products & Services

1.1 Logframe & ToC reviews

We offer support to implementing organizations to develop robust and impact-oriented project logframes and theories of change to support internal and donor-required M&E processes. Through tailored sessions with our M&E experts, we provide guidance on key indicators and results development as well as on effective monitoring and reporting processes to showcase successes and identify lessons learned.

1.2 M&E Frameworks and System Design

Voluntās specializes in crafting tailored Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) frameworks and system designs. Our bespoke M&E toolkits include robust and measurable indicators, monitoring mechanisms, and accountability processes, designed to enable implementing organizations to track and improve their impact, while adapting to changing conditions in complex operating environments.

1.3 AAP Systems

At Voluntās, we prioritize Accountability to Affected People (AAP) assessments and data collection as integral components of our commitment to meaningful change. Our rigorous methodologies ensure that voices from affected communities are heard and integrated into decision-making processes. Through participatory approaches and culturally sensitive data collection techniques, we empower individuals to shape the programs and interventions that directly impact their lives. With a focus on transparency and responsiveness, we strive to strengthen accountability mechanisms and foster trust between organizations and the communities they serve.

1.4 Needs Assessments

Voluntās offers comprehensive needs assessments tailored to support program design for humanitarian and development projects. Grounded in our commitment to realizing human potential, our assessments are driven by evidence-based insights collected from beneficiaries and relevant key stakeholders on the ground. We collaborate closely with local partners and ensure that our assessments are informed by thorough understanding of the local operating context.

1.5 Vulnerability Indexing/Assessment

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1.6 Programming Gap Analyses

Voluntās has experience contributing to local, national, and regional Vulnerability Assessments, providing a robust and holistic approach to identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in communities and organizations through large-scale data collection. Grounded in our commitment to human potential, our framework integrates data-driven insights and participatory methodologies to comprehensively assess risks and vulnerabilities. By identifying key challenges and opportunities for intervention, we empower stakeholders to implement targeted strategies that build resilience and foster sustainable development.

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Third Party


At Voluntās, we offer a context-sensitive approach to third-party monitoring in complex environments, providing dependable eyes and ears on the ground. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring effective monitoring and adaptability in dynamic settings. Our services include long-term program monitoring, agile verification exercises, and post-distribution assessments to gauge beneficiary satisfaction. With our adaptive and conflict-sensitive approach, partners can respond swiftly to emerging challenges, ensuring their efforts have a meaningful impact. Moreover, our financial monitoring services verify internal procedures and expenditures, safeguarding resources and promoting transparency every step of the way. Partnering with Voluntas grants you access to smartly-designed, locally-driven monitoring insights crucial for driving your organization’s success. Let’s harness the power of monitoring together as we navigate challenges and strive for positive change.

Products & Services

2.1 Process Monitoring

Voluntās’ process monitoring services provide sustained oversight for long-term partnerships, promoting continuous improvement and lasting impact. We facilitate data comparability and trend analysis, and empower partners with actionable recommendations. Through regular follow-ups, we ensure partners stay on track, ensuring effective adjustments for sustained success over time.

2.2 Post-distribution monitoring (PDM)

Voluntās post-distribution monitoring (PDM) services focus on assessing aid distribution effectiveness, ensuring resources reach beneficiaries and meet needs. Our approach complements other monitoring tools, assessing information delivery, distribution processes, beneficiary satisfaction, and potential challenges, enabling continuous improvement for impactful interventions.

2.3 Financial monitoring

At Voluntās, our financial monitoring services are designed to keep your organization on track. We verify internal procedures,monitor expenditures, and scrutinize transactions to ensure financial responsibility. By prioritizing transparency and informed decision-making, we mitigate risks and uphold accountability, supporting your purpose-driven mission.

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Evaluations &


Voluntās’ Evaluation and Learnings offerings are a comprehensive solution for conducting thorough program evaluations using mixed methods and in adherence to mainstreamed methodologies such as the OECD-DAC criteria. Our product offers a meticulous approach to assessing the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, sustainability, efficiency, and impact of projects and initiatives across various sectors. By combining quantitative and qualitative methods, we capture a holistic view of program outcomes and processes, providing nuanced insights into success factors, challenges, and lessons learned. Guided by the OECD-DAC criteria, our evaluations ensure credibility, relevance, and utility, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change.

Products & Services

3.1 Impact Evaluations

In its impact evaluations Voluntas utilizes rigorous methodologies and advanced analytics to measure the true impact of interventions, providing policymakers, organizations, and stakeholders with valuable insights for evidence-based decision-making. Using Impact Evaluations, the effectiveness of initiatives can be accurately assessed, areas for improvement identified, recommendations to maximize societal formulated.

3.2 Outcome Evaluations

Outcome evaluation is a comprehensive tool designed to capture and analyze the tangible impacts of projects and programs. Unlike traditional evaluation methods, Outcome Harvesting focuses on observing and understanding real-world changes rather than predefined outputs. This systematic approach enables organizations to uncover unexpected results, monitor progress towards goals, and adapt strategies accordingly.

3.3 Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations offer a comprehensive solution for evaluating the performance of individuals, teams, programs, and processes within and implemented by your organization. With customizable evaluation criteria and intuitive analytics, Performance Evaluations provide actionable insights to enhance meaningfulness in the work place, productivity, identify areas for growth, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

3.4 Strategic Evaluations

Voluntas’ Strategic Evaluations offer a comprehensive suite of tools and methodologies to evaluate the alignment, execution, and impact of your strategic plans. From SWOT analysis to performance benchmarking, Strategic Evaluations provide valuable insights to inform strategic decision-making and drive organizational and programmatic success.

3.5 Baseline/Endline

Our Baseline/Endline Evaluations offers a meticulous approach to monitoring and evaluating initiatives, capturing crucial data at the beginning (baseline) and end (endline) stages of implementation. By comparing these data points, organizations can gauge progress, measure outcomes, and identify areas for improvement with precision.

3.6 Programming Gap Analysis

Programming gap analyses help organizations in identifying and addressing gaps in program implementation and effectiveness. This Voluntas offering offers a systematic approach to analyzing existing programs, comparing them against desired outcomes and industry standards. Through comprehensive data collection and rigorous assessment, Programming Gap Analysis uncovers areas of inefficiency, missed opportunities, and potential risks, empowering organizations to refine strategies and optimize resource allocation.

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Social Impact

As all human beings influence those they interact with, so do non-profit programs, commercial activities, and policies. The work carried out by companies, foundations, and other organizations often has an impact that extends far beyond their immediate field of intervention. Therefore, it is paramount to adopt a holistic approach when measuring impact, understanding, and documenting the ripple effects. We believe impact should be measured based on the level of meaning it enables others to experience and how it therefore enables them to realize their potential.

This applies to any area of work. For instance, transporting essential goods across the globe enables people to have the necessary means to live, build, create, and flourish. Supporting children in accessing medical care or medicines impacts more than just their physical health—it affects their mental health, household tensions, economic situations, perceptions of state governance, and ultimately, their overall well-being and sense of meaning in life.  If you would like to learn more about our Meaningful Social Impact approach and how we can help you measure and showcase this impact, please reach out. By doing so, your people will feel proud and have an increased sense of meaning, you can distinguish yourself as a pioneer in your field and strengthen your brand.

Products & Services

4.1 Meaningful Social Quotient

MSQ is designed to assess the social impact of commercial activities, non-profit initiatives, and organizational policies based on key drivers of meaning in people’s lives: leadership, purpose, personal growth, and belonging. MSQ provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and documenting the broader effects of your work. Through iterative monitoring, it ensures a holistic and evolving approach to social impact, allowing you to refine and amplify your positive influence over time.

4.2 Purpose-driven Philanthropic Advisory

Introducing our Purpose-driven philanthropy advisory, designed to help you strategically plan, execute, and amplify your philanthropic efforts. Our advisory service leverages the Meaningful Social Quotient and our Meaningful Social Impact approach to ensure your contributions lead to sustainable and meaningful change.

Collaborate with our experts to identify and focus on areas where your contributions can have the greatest impact. Tailor your philanthropic strategies to your unique goals, values, and resources, maximizing both efficiency and effectiveness. Document and showcase the impact of your contributions to stakeholders, highlighting your commitment to meaningful social change. Together, we can transform your philanthropic vision into a reality that positively impacts lives and communities.

4.3 Meaningful Youth metrics

Introducing Meaningful Youth Metrics (MYM), a product inspired by the Youth Meaningfulness Index (YMI). MYM is designed to assess and enhance the impact of various initiatives on children and young people by focusing on the level of meaning these initiatives enable them to experience. By measuring key drivers such as purpose, self-care, social connectivity, and physical and cognitive stimulation, the MYM provides an avenue for children and youth to build their own future and a comprehensive understanding of how programs and policies affect the lives of young individuals. This innovative tool empowers organizations to create more impactful, meaningful experiences for children and youth, ensuring that every action contributes to their overall well-being.