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The “Strategic Transformation” area helps organizations confidently manage change, driving growth, innovation, and sustainable success. It offers Strategy Offsites, Roadmaps, and Organizational Design, using industry insights and innovative methods for strategic clarity, excellence, and agility. Whether redefining strategy, pivoting, or redesigning structure, we guide towards achieving visions and fostering an adaptable, forward-thinking culture aligned with long-term goals.

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At Voluntās, we fundamentally believe that every good strategic choice is centered around a clear purpose. We base our advice on facts and choose to be honest over compassionate, and we always strive to inspire and ignite self-awareness to unfold an impactful future path.

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Voluntās offers personalized advisory that consider strategy, operations, and legacy unique to visionary founders and entrepreneurial leaders who have built remarkable organizations. We strive to empower founders to maintain their meaning and legacy, guiding their businesses with the same imagination and drive that initially built them. Our overarching aim is to nurse and cultivate a Founder’s Mentality, nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit that drives a passion for purpose, frontline obsession and relentless innovation.

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1.1 Founders Mentality

We help businesses cultivate their Founder’s Mentality while scaling up, promoting sustainable and meaningful growth. Through assessments we identify gaps and define actions that reinforce front-line obsession, accountability, and an ownership mindset. Through leadership training, streamlined decision structures, and collaboration, we help companies stay adaptive and focused on growth while building upon the Founder’s Mentality that made the business successful in the first place.

1.2 Succession planning

We deeply respect the work of founders and understand that succession is a personal journey reflecting years of dedication. We honor this transition through professional intimacy, ensuring your legacy thrives with the next generation(s). Through close conversations and strategic planning, we articulate your legacy aspirations and weave them into your succession plan. By identifying and preparing successors who align with your vision, we co-facilitate the transition every step of the way.

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At Voluntās, we believe that every strategic decision and path are tested against how it unlocks potential and advances the organization’s purpose. Our role is to facilitate strategic change-processes based on asking challenging questions and performing in-depth analysis that ignites self-awareness and foster compelling and impactful future paths. In all our client relations, we strive to build and maintain long-term professional intimacy based on honesty and facts, allowing us to help realize your potential.

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2.1 Launching Moonshots

We inspire and support organizations in developing “moonshots” – projects that tackle global challenges in aspirational and innovative ways. True moonshots promise change by blending an imaginative vision with a well-defined purpose. At Voluntās, we identify challenges and opportunities, vision articulation and stakeholder involvement from launch to landing.

2.2 Strategic Roadmaps

Our Strategy Roadmaps guide your organization through the complexities of strategic transformation towards achieving long-term aspirations. We facilitate strategy processes based on a data- and dialogue-focused approach seeking to create common understanding, alignment and actionable targets. Throughout the process, we put emphasis on how the leadership team develop followership and agency, in order to maintain a robust transformation across the organization.

2.3 Organizational (re)design

We empower organizations to break down structural barriers and instead see the organization as a living organism based on a collaborative approach. By understanding your business aspirations, challenges and workflows, we help develop organizational designs that enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and align leadership with strategy and vision, fostering a dynamic and organic growth environment.

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We guide our clients in building, structuring, and engaging in purpose-driven partnerships that go beyond traditional business models and amplify the impact of organizations, contributing to sustainable societal change. By thoroughly understanding of the need of our clients, we can assess the possibilities in engaging meaningful partnerships that set aside differences to pursue a common goal.

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3.1 Partnership Strategy

We craft narratives that unfold the purpose and vision of partnerships between diverse actors. By igniting and facilitating dialogue, we support the formulation of meaningful goals and principles of collaboration to create partnerships that goes beyond traditional boundaries, fostering strong alliances that can achieve higher than if each partner were standing alone.

3.2 Cluster and Ecosystem Creation

We co-design and facilitate the creation and management of purpose-driven ecosystems and clusters, which enables organizations to identify, connect, and engage with relevant stakeholders. We define value propositions and strategies that streamline communication, resource-sharing, and collaborative initiatives, promoting synergy and innovation within the ecosystem.

3.3 Community Impact Strategies

Develop strategies to collaborate and make a positive impact on the communities you work in. By fostering collaborative relationships, we amplify the impact of our initiatives, tapping into collective strengths and knowledge. This approach ensures that projects are not imposed but co-created with the communities, fostering a sense of ownership and sustainability.

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Understanding and integrating the human factor can determine the success or failure of any M&A process. We provide comprehensive support to ensure clear cultural and ethical direction and are experienced in guiding institutional investors and companies through the complexities of cultural characteristics and leadership capabilities – from the initial due diligence process all the way to post-merger integration.

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4.1 Cultural Due Diligence

Organizational culture is a critical factor of post-merger success. In our proven cultural due diligence process, we evaluate cultural DNA and fit, leadership characteristics, tools, and processes. Our analysis consists of deep diving into organizational data and external sources as well as interviewing selected leaders and executives, uncovering leadership capabilities, style, cultural preferences, as well as their individual hopes and concerns. With our insights, private equity firms and companies have better foresight and are enabled to take better decisions based on facts and a solid analysis of the cultural aspects of M&A processes.

4.2 Post-merger integration

The true test of a successful merger or acquisition lies in the effectiveness of its integration. Our Post-Merger Integration service is designed to ensure a smooth transition, aligning processes, systems, people, and cultures. We offer guidance and support in change management within strategy, culture, and organization, and are experienced in everything from designing a common purpose and culture to fostering unified strategy and implementation.

4.3 Human Rights Due Diligence

In today’s global economy, respecting and promoting human rights within the M&A process is not only ethical but essential for sustainable business practices. Our Human Rights Due Diligence service provides a comprehensive evaluation of potential human rights impacts arising from mergers and acquisitions. We assess risks, scrutinize practices, and offer actionable recommendations to ensure compliance with international standards and best practices. This service empowers companies to make informed decisions that reflect their commitment to ethical operations, safeguarding their reputation and contributing to a more just and equitable global marketplace.