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Our Sustainability and Living services are designed to help organizations and communities achieve their environmental and social goals. We provide expert guidance on sustainable practices, helping to reduce environmental impact and promote a healthier, more sustainable way of life.

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Through innovative strategies and responsible resource management, we support you in creating sustainable value that benefits both the planet and your bottom line. Let us help you integrate sustainability into your core operations and culture, making a lasting impact on the world.

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We believe that urban spaces should be designed not only for functionality but also for the sense of meaningfulness among human beings. We believe in amplifying the voices of all citizens, recognizing that diverse perspectives are essential for creating truly inclusive and thriving urban environments. Multiple stakeholders should participate and engage in creating the most livable cities for the decades to come.

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1.1 Meaningful Living Quotient (MLQ)

The MLQ is more than just a metric; it’s a comprehensive tool that considers crucial factors such as access to green spaces, social cohesion, cultural vibrancy, and economic opportunity. We provide actionable insights for stakeholders to enhance the overall sense of meaning in life from living in urban areas.

1.2 Facilitation of citizen inclusion processes

We facilitate genuine dialogue and collaboration between citizens and decision-makers. Through carefully designed workshops, surveys, and participatory processes, we create spaces for citizens to express their needs, aspirations, and concerns. This ensures that urban development projects are not only technically sound but also resonate with the hopes, dreams and lived experiences of the communities they serve.

1.3 Living Labs

The world needs more Living Labs as they are vital real-world environments for experimentation, innovation, and collaboration on new solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. We guide companies, authorities, academia, and communities in crafting visionary concepts that align with their various purposes, visions, and values, ensuring inclusive participation and co-ownership. Our approach involves fostering a culture of experimentation and learning, where ideas are tested, refined, and scaled for real-world impact.

1.4 Innovation districts

We design and conceptualize innovation districts, recognizing their significance in driving economic growth and fostering collaborative ecosystems in cities. Our approach involves crafting visionary strategies aligned with local strongholds and aspirations, ensuring long-term sustainability. We conduct thorough ecosystem mapping, fostering partnerships among academia, industry, government, and the community to create vibrant innovation hubs.

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Sustainability is vital for preserving resources, mitigating environmental degradation, and ensuring the well-being of current and future generations. To us, sustainable transformation is not a reporting exercise, but a leadership exercise with emphasis on setting ambitious strategic targets, fostering a culture of responsibility, and championing initiatives that prioritize long-term societal impact.

Products & Services

2.1 Sustainability strategy

We recognize sustainability strategy as a necessity, helping companies align their DNA, business objectives, and sustainable goals within a simple and structured narrative.  Voluntas specializes in crafting sustainability strategies to address the urgent challenges facing our ecosystems amidst rapid climate, nature, and societal changes. We guide organizations in raising awareness of potential impacts on activities and stakeholders, translating them into strategic insights for decision-making. Our services include identifying relevant ESG risks and opportunities, understanding and managing exposure to critical factors, and prioritizing activities to enhance sustainability capabilities.

2.2 Internal systems change – Human Gap Assessment

We empower human beings in organizations to contribute meaningfully to sustainable transformation. Through a comprehensive evaluation, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses within human systems within organizations. Based on surveys, interviews, and data analysis, we identify areas where there may be gaps between the organization’s aspirations and its current practices. By understanding where these gaps exist, organizations can develop targeted strategies to enhance their human-centered practices, foster a more inclusive and supportive culture, and ultimately drive sustainable growth and positive social impact.

2.3 External systems change

We delve into the interplay between organizations and it’s larger ecosystem. We collaborate with clients to navigate the complexities of external systems, identifying opportunities for positive influence, and promoting sustainable practices that extend far beyond individual entities. Our approach integrates ethical considerations, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility to cultivate a holistic understanding of the impact organizations have on the world.

2.4 SDG Localization and Impact Assessment Toolkit

We offer a comprehensive toolkit designed to assist organizations in localizing and integrating SDGs into their operations. This includes mapping out how each SDG aligns with the organization’s goals, identifying key performance indicators, and establishing a framework for ongoing impact assessment. The toolkit empowers organizations to measure and enhance their contributions to global sustainability.

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