Meaningful Climate Action

Save the Children Regional Office in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe – in partnership with the Regional Youth Committee and Voluntas research consultancy – collaborated with children and youth across the MENA region to produce this participatory research study, aiming to map child and youth inclusion in the climate policy landscape in the region, and to identify concrete entry points to make young people’s participation in climate action more meaningful.

Niklas Kabel Pedersen

Elisabeth Jones

Aya Barouni


Climate change poses a significant threat to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, affecting its environmental, economic, and social structures. Recognizing the urgency to address these challenges, there was a critical need to engage and empower the youth, who are pivotal in driving long-term climate action and sustainability.


The main challenge was to effectively mobilize young people in the MENA region, a demographic that has historically been underrepresented in policymaking and environmental activism. The goal was to enable them to have a meaningful impact on climate policies and practices within their communities. There was also a need to bridge the gap between young activists and decision-makers, ensuring that the voices of the youth are heard and integrated into tangible climate actions.


In response, a collaborative project was launched to develop and implement strategies that empower young people as changemakers in the field of climate action. This initiative involved creating platforms for dialogue, capacity building, and advocacy, where young people could learn, share ideas, and influence policy. The project facilitated workshops and forums that brought together youth, policymakers, and environmental experts to co-create sustainable solutions for the region’s pressing climate issues.

The collaboration focused on providing the tools and knowledge necessary for young people to lead impactful climate initiatives, ensuring their active participation in shaping a resilient future for the MENA region. By equipping them with the skills to advocate for environmental justice and sustainability, the project aimed to foster a new generation of environmental leaders.

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