Creating Meaningful Societies with IBTCI in Tunisia and Libya

Rebecca John
Meet Lisa Gilliam, Chief of Party at International Business & Technical Consultants Inc. (IBTCI), USAID – US Agency for International Development Monitoring and Evaluation in Tunisia and Libya.
Voluntās has worked with IBTCI in Tunisia and Libya for several years and is one of our most valued clients in the region. We have collaborated together on several projects, including donor mapping, context monitoring in Libya, and a series of policy papers in Tunisia.


Lisa Gilliam, the Chief of Party at International Business & Technical Consultants Inc. (IBTCI), oversees USAID’s Monitoring and Evaluation projects in Tunisia and Libya. IBTCI has been deeply involved in efforts to enhance governance and policy frameworks in these regions, which are crucial for stabilizing and rebuilding societies undergoing significant political transitions.


In both Tunisia and Libya, the political landscapes are complex and volatile, making effective monitoring and evaluation challenging. The need for accurate donor mapping and context monitoring is critical to ensure that international aid is directed and utilized effectively. In Tunisia, there was also a need to develop comprehensive policy papers that could guide sustainable development and governance reforms.


Voluntās partnered with IBTCI to address these challenges through a multi-faceted approach. In Libya, they conducted thorough context monitoring to provide real-time insights into the evolving political and social landscape, aiding stakeholders in making informed decisions. In Tunisia, Voluntās collaborated with IBTCI to produce a series of policy papers. These documents provided well-researched, actionable strategies for governance and economic development, tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the region.

This collaboration leveraged Voluntās’s expertise in creating meaningful societal change through strategic advisory services, enhancing the effectiveness of USAID’s initiatives and contributing to the broader goal of building resilient, democratic societies in Tunisia and Libya.