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We advise companies, foundations, investors, boards, leaders and governments on how to create, adapt and drive a meaningful organization, brand, planet and societies.



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The internship is designed to acquaint you with insight into yourself and your human potential while providing a real, hands-on opportunity to experience various assignments with our international clients. You will contribute to our work by applying critical and creative thinking on strategic issues and propose problem-solving frameworks to address key client challenges.

Tunis Office

During this internship you will provide fact-based policy options and recommendations based on extensive research and analysis in fragile and conflict-affected regions. Our goal is to have a positive, sustainable impact on populations affected by crisis in order to improve their living standards and access to rights.

From Analyst

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Meet Zachary & Anders

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Meet former and current Analysts

Claudia Picasso

“I felt welcome in the Voluntās family since day one. Being surrounded by Voluntarians on a day-to-day basis is inspiring in many different ways, but especially because people are always open to freely share their ideas, challenge yours, and come up with crazy ways on how to make things more meaningful for you, societies and the planet we live on.”

Juraj Kiljon Hanke

“Being an analyst at Voluntās has made me rethink what a job can be! A huge part of that was my incredibly welcoming, intelligent and supportive colleagues. They constantly encouraged me to reflect on the significance of my challenges and successes and helped me discover some of the unique ways in which I can contribute to an organization.”

Fenja Todte

“Starting at Voluntās, I was immediately met with incredible warmth and curiosity in who I am as a person and, beyond that, faith in my abilities. It’s such a great atmosphere to develop, to grow closer with a bunch of fantastic people but also with yourself, and to learn what gives you the energy to grow holistically as a human being.”

Internship Periods

Internships Worldwide

National Analyst Program

🇺🇦 Kyiv, Ukraine

We are looking for highly motivated individuals for our 6-month national analyst program. The national analyst program starts on August 1, 2024, and the selected candidate will be based in our office in Kyiv, Ukraine. The program is designed to maximize the analyst’s own potential while providing a hands-on opportunity to experience a wide variety of assignments with our international clients and partners.

Feel free to reach out:

Ditte Maria Andersen-Hoel

Human Potential Developer