Cultural Preference

Assessment Tool

Make the right hire, the first time.

Ensuringmeaningful recruitments

The Cultural Preference Assessment Tool enables your organization to recruit through meaningful profiling based on cultural preference, self-awareness and cognitive capacity. 

Building the meaningful organization

At Voluntas, we believe that the hiring process is one of the most fragile and defining journeys of any organization, and it deserves the right amount of attention. With the Cultural Preference Assessment Tool we have turned this notion into a tool, that cares about showing the potential of candidates instead of creating a static image of cognitive ability or personality.

Cultural Preference Assessment consist of 

three elements:

1. Cultural Preference Assessment (Fit test):

This part of the tool measures the candidates fit with the recruiting organization’s unique DNA. It offers the opportunity for measuring both the fit between a candidate and team, as well as candidate and leadership team, using 100% tailormade questions.

2. Self-Awareness Assessment

This part of the tool measures the candidate’s level of self- awareness. The candidate will get questions that open up for reflections about amongst others their own values and beliefs, how they integrate feedback and how they react to mistakes.

The candidates answer will be assessed within a framework measuring if the candidate is prone to over-confidence or self-doubt.

3. Cognitive Capacity Assessment

This part of the tool measures the candidates Cognitive Capacity and gives an indication of how well the candidate will perform specific tasks that she or he is intended to perform. The tool can be customized to include up to four modules.

The analysis from the three assessments will be delivered in one combined report which also contains reflection points for the interviewer and relevant questions to ask during the interview.

Measuring potential over resources 

Although we as human beings certainly have different personalities, the human personality and performance capability are to no degree static. Opposite many of the recruitment tools that already exist in the market, the Cultural Preference Assessment Tool captures the development potential of the candidates by measuring on their self-awareness and ability to reflect upon who they are and their strength and weaknesses. At the same time, it gives a strong indication of how the candidate will thrive in and support the culture of the organization.

Make the right hire, the first time 

Organizations who use poor hiring practices are continually battling hiring costs and decreased productivity. By using The Meaningful Profiling Tool, organizations will increase the likelihood of recruiting people who fit into the role they are set to fulfill and the organizational culture.




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