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Discover how Voluntās is driving meaningful change in Norway! Our local team is dedicated to developing strategies that enhance societal and organizational well-being, aligning with Norway’s values of innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility. Whether you’re looking to refine your business strategy or engage in transformative community projects, Voluntās Norway is your partner in creating impactful and sustainable solutions.

Explore our services, success stories, and how we can assist your organization in navigating the path towards a more meaningful future.

Our Mission in Norway
At Voluntās Norway, we are committed to integrating deep cultural understanding with our global expertise to support Norwegian enterprises and communities. Our tailored advisory services help drive innovation and sustainable growth across industries, empowering leaders to make decisions that resonate with local values and global standards.
Services We Offer
Discover our range of services, from strategic communication and policy advising to sustainability consulting and dialogue facilitation. Each service is designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities in Norway, ensuring that our solutions are both effective and culturally attuned.
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Meet our team of experts who are not just advisors but partners in your journey towards impactful change. With a deep commitment to fostering meaningful engagement, our team in Norway works closely with you to ensure that your organization’s goals are met with precision and integrity.
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Join us in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future for Norway. Contact us to learn more about our projects, partnerships, and how we can assist your organization in achieving its full potential.
Engage With Us
Invitation for potential clients and partners to connect and collaborate.
Join forces with Voluntās Norway to shape a future where sustainability and innovation intersect. We invite potential clients and partners to explore opportunities for collaboration that drive impactful changes across industries and communities. Connect with us to discover how we can work together to achieve shared goals and create lasting value.
Sustainability Consulting
With Norway’s focus on sustainable development, offering services that help organizations align with environmental goals and regulations would be highly relevant.
Strategic Communication
Given the importance of public and government relations in Norway, especially in sectors like energy and technology, this service could help companies navigate complex communications landscapes.
Innovation and Digital Transformation
Supporting businesses in adopting new technologies and innovative practices could be crucial, particularly in Norway’s advanced digital economy.
Meaningfulness at Work
The Norwegian report on ‘Meaniningfullness at Work’ is now available for download

Creating meaningful workplaces

Voluntās was created from the fundamental belief that all human beings have the inherent right to live a meaningful life. That is why we exist: To realize human potential in all corridors of life – making every workplace, community, and country on the planet full of hope and dignity.

We strive to create more meaningful workplaces

As the head of Voluntās’ Norwegian office, I am thrilled to welcome you to this year’s report on meaningfulness at work. In a world where we spend a significant portion of our lives working, it’s crucial to recognize how vital it is for this time to be meaningful. Echoing our founder Morten Albæk’s words, “our time is life, not money, and no paycheck can compensate for time spent in work that feels utterly meaningless.”


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Trusted and used by many big companies.

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