The Meaningful Impact ToolEnsuring meaningful investment delivery rooted in global normative frameworks.


Voluntas supports our partners in enhancing their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) related impact by contextualizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), identifying opportunities, and navigating risks.

The value of money depends on
how it is earned

At Voluntas, we believe that the value of money depends on how it is earned. This belief forms the basis of how we aim to ensure a sustainable and meaningful impact for our partners. We want to ensure that value is not isolated on a balance sheet or with direct beneficiaries, but that the effects of an investment has measurable positive effects across the entire affected society, its people and the environment.


Deepening our understanding of contexts is essential to achieve meaningful and sustainable impact

We believe in knowledge and its ability to empower change, and that meaningful change comes from effective realization of the SDGs, which requires an in-depth understanding of contextual interdependencies. Our approach helps you understand the environmental, social and governance factors related to your investments. We support you in the monitoring and management of investment activities, allowing for a quantitative and qualitative understanding of your contribution to the SDGs. 

Measuring impact against normative frameworks puts a focus on impact as meaningful and sustainable

For decades, impact has been phrased in terms of financial value. Our approach leverages global normative frameworks to maximize such value creation, while simultaneously ensuring that investments are made with a strong focus on sustainability and the creation of meaning for affected societies. We view impact through a holistic lens and recognize that meaningful change is brought about by seeing financial value and sustainability as intertwined.

Promoting meaningful impact allows for a holistic approach to growth and development

By coupling financial impact with sustainability we ensure a meaningful contribution to continuous development and a better future for all. We empower our partners to take conscious and responsible decisions, while also ensuring the financial viability of their investments. This underpins that the growth of partner organizations is aligned with the growth of society as a whole.

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Niklas Kabel

  Niklas Kabel Pedersen