Meaningful Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

Ensuring continuous adaptation and learning for programmatic and organizational success.

MeaningfulMonitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

Voluntas develops meaningful results frameworks, monitors project activities and outputs on an ongoing basis, and evaluates the outcomes and impact of our partners’ interventions.

Monitoring refers to the continuous oversight of the effectiveness, efficiency, quality and method of implementation of an activity over time. Evaluation is the systematic assessment of outcomes as a means of understanding contribution of the program to the intended goal.


Routine data collection and performance analysis. Monitoring uses recurrent, systematic collection of data on specified indicators to provide information on the progress of an intervention. Evaluation is the systematic and objective assessment of an ongoing or completed project with a view to determining its relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability (OECD/DAC criteria).


Meaningful M&E supports project adaptation and learning for further programming. M&E helps our partners understand the timeliness, quality, completeness and management of activities implemented on the ground.

  • Timeliness – Are activities rolled out in a timely manner?
  • Quality – Do they meet the standards set out by the project?
  • Completeness – Are all activities originally planned conducted?
  • Management– Are key decision-makers reviewing progress and making real-time decisions? 


Ensuring that policymaking is informed by sound evidence. M&E plays a key role in improving the links between policy interventions and their outcomes and impact. Moreover, M&E enhances accountability for results and leads to valuable learning practices.


From the reports, it is clear that Voluntas has excellent evaluation/assessment research and analytical skills, and is able to present data in visually appealing, and easy to digest formats. […] In addition, they are highly responsive to all requests for modifications to their work, and are very creative in proposing solutions to some of the challenges of gathering data in Libya – USAID 

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