Context Sensitive Third-Party Monitoring
Neutral program monitoring anchored in local contexts

Locally anchored
third party

As an independent third party, Voluntas monitors project activities and outputs through locally anchored data collection and analysis.

Third-Party Monitoring (TPM)

Voluntas detects results of activities and output and analyzes them in relation to the targeted outcome and impact of a project, or the assumptions underlying a Theory of Change. Voluntas works closely with partners to develop pre-defined indicators for monitoring.

TPM can include verification of the quality of output delivery, and standards such as gender inclusion. This is done by adding thematic indicators based on programmatic needs.

Independent verification of monitoring information. TPM refers to the monitoring of project activities, outputs, and/or the underlying assumptions of a Theory of Change by an independent third party that collects and analyzes data. Quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection can be used according to needs, combing methods to ensure comprehensive data coverage and enable data triangulation and contextualization.

TPM strengthens accountability where the ability of partners to be present is limited. TPM helps partners that are seeking accountability of funding, quality assurance, and program adaptability. TPM is relevant for projects implemented in volatile, insecure or hard-to-reach contexts, or whenever the ability of donors or implementing organizations to conduct monitoring is limited. In fast-changing environments, verification of Theory of Change assumptions may be necessary to ensure project’s intended impact.

TPM provides eyes and ears on the ground to inform programming. TPM provides partners with a mechanism for risk and context monitoring which can be used to adapt interventions and direct funding allocations. TPM allows partners to increase learning experiences by highlighting best practices and challenges. Furthermore, our TPM work also establishes a link between project results and global agendas such as the SDGs.

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