Value Proposition

Voluntas provides fact-based recommendations and policy options based on extensive research and data collection in complex environments.

Fact-based policy-making

Fact-based policy-making is informed by mixed-methods data collection, strategic assessments, in-depth political economy analyses, and relevant lessons learned. Working closely with our partners, we provide honest and sensible policy advisory based on data and rigorous analysis against the backdrop of international policy frameworks.

Fact-based advisory throughout all stages of policy-making

We support strategy development and program formulation, which enables adaptation and learning throughout project-implementation. Building on high-quality data collection and rigorous analysis, we assist partners through strategic assessments, stakeholder mappings, political economy analyses, and context monitoring.

Increased effectiveness of strategies and programming. Our analysis identifies context-sensitive priorities for policy decisions and enhances targeted interventions, thus contributing to increased effectiveness of strategies and programming. We work closely with our partners to ensure their strategies are in line with political priorities and relevant reference frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030-agenda.

For effective programs that are context-sensitive and cost-efficient. Building on concrete indicator frameworks, context-sensitive programs and interventions can produce relevant, tangible results. Fact-based advisory services support this process through identifying and adapting key indicators, collecting relevant data, and assessing value for money.

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