Established in 2023

Voluntās Foundation

Established in 2023, the Voluntās Foundation aims to broaden our engagement and support initiatives that foster just, sustainable, and meaningful human advancement. The Foundation backs locally-led initiatives and spearheads innovative research on meaningfulness through its Center for Applied Meaningfulness. Key projects include the Global Meaningfulness Index and the Youth Meaningfulness Index, both designed to measure and enhance the impact of meaningful actions worldwide.

Core activities and research goals

Foundation’s Mission and Research Initiatives

Established in 2023, the Voluntās Foundation enhances our commitment to fostering just, sustainable, and meaningful human development. By supporting initiatives and conducting cutting-edge research through the Center for Applied Meaningfulness, the foundation actively shapes influential projects like the Global Meaningfulness Index and the Youth Meaningfulness Index. These indices measure the impact of meaningful actions, aiming to inform and improve human advancement globally.

Philanthropic contributions to society

Philosophical Guidance and Philanthropic Impact

The foundation not only aims to guide Voluntās Advisory as a long-term moral compass but also boosts human potential through philanthropic support to organizations, forward-thinking companies, and individuals. It emphasizes the integration of academic research, educational initiatives, and community projects to explore and operationalize meaningfulness in both public policies and organizational practices, bridging corporate and non-profit sectors for greater societal impact.

Social relationships and partnerships

Cultural Connections and Global Partnerships

The Voluntās Foundation extends its commitment through diverse initiatives that build social relationships and foster partnerships across cultures. By collaborating with local artists, museums, and community organizations, and by supporting intersectional inclusion, the foundation nurtures a multicultural environment. These initiatives not only enhance understanding and cooperation among different cultures but also strengthen global networks, ensuring that the principles of meaningfulness resonate widely and lead to substantial social change. These efforts exemplify the foundation’s mission to create a more interconnected and meaningful world.

Center for applied meaningfulness

A global meaningfulness baseline

To democratize this philosophy, we want to build a new, human-centered metric. A global meaningfulness baseline to constantly challengethe truths about what constitutes a good life and a viable civilization.

Center for Applied Meaningfulness

Explore the transformative initiatives at Voluntās’ Center for Applied Meaningfulness, where we redefine societal well-being and human progress beyond conventional metrics like GDP. Our center pioneers research and develops indexes like the Global Meaningfulness Index, focusing on diverse areas such as education, health, and urban planning. Through our work, we aim to understand and enhance the depth of meaning in every aspect of life, promoting sustainable and profound societal change.

Global Meaningfulness Index

The Global Meaningfulness Index (GMI) is conceptualized and based on the notion of Human Potential Realization. This means viewing human beings as potentials, rather than resources. By virtue of being born, every individual has a potential to be developed and realized through living a meaningful life. This approach integrates past, present, and future experiences to build resilience, and is determined by subjectiveness and self-expression. 

Youth Meaningfulness Index

Explore the transformative world of the Youth Meaningfulness Index (YMI), a groundbreaking initiative by the Voluntās Foundation. Designed to measure and enhance how youth experience meaning in their lives, YMI equips policymakers and educators with vital insights to improve educational and socio-developmental outcomes. Through extensive research across diverse cultural and socioeconomic landscapes, YMI aims to foster a deeper understanding of the drivers of meaningfulness in young lives. Join us in shaping a purpose-driven future for the next generation.